Tragic Story About A San Francisco Man.

martial arts Hapkido

Master Lawrence, of USA Hapkido, speaks about how dangerous our world can be. Recently a man in San Francisco was attacked by a few men. Beating the victim senselessly. The man will probably suffer permanent damages to his body. How self-defense is important and when to use it.

Self-defense is important to protecting yourself and your love ones. Ensuring that when you are facing a bad situation, you are using the right strategic plan in protecting yourself. Using the right strategy to protect yourself is extremely important as learning how to defend yourself.

At USA Hapkido, Master Lawrence not only teaches you self-defense, but he also teaches you when to use it and when not too. Learning martial arts is more than kicking and punching. It’s discipline on learning the skills, but also learning when to use the right skills for that situation.

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