Our main focus is on developing a versatile arsenal of applicable skills to handle a diverse array of situations. I recognize the strengths and weaknesses of differing self-defense strategies and built a system that is progressive in skill level. Our curriculum begins with basic strikes, falls, forms, joint locks, strength, flexibility, conditioning progressing to light to moderate contact sparring, takedowns and ground fighting. We focus heavily on speed and power and simplicity not long lengthy techniques. Acrobatics are risky and are kept at a minimal. Actual sparring is not required at the beginner level but is mandatory after 2nd-degree black belt. Sparring is an essential part of learning and one cannot achieve mastery if he/she is unable or unwilling to engage in this activity.

Fitness fun

In addition to self-defense, martial arts training is an excellent way to become active and get fit. With the pandemic splurging of electronic devices, our children are in immediate danger of being lured into a sedentary lifestyle that could lead to serious and permanent physical complications. Having a fitness routine is no longer a luxurious option but an urgent necessity. Furthermore, studies have shown that children’s confidence is strongly correlated with their physical abilities. The more task they can perform, the better they feel about themselves. As a licensed personal trainer, the class routines are designed to meet the fitness recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine, a highly regarded institution in the fitness industry.


The mind is the most important and needs lots of nurturing. Just like the body, if untrained, can be weak and susceptible. Discipline is a great way help strengthening the mind and is the core value at Usa Hapkido. It is the one principle that helped me throughout my entire life, especially when I was younger. Growing up in a tough area, I was exposed to many negative influences. My parents were too busy working so martial arts was where I learned discipline. It not only kept me out of trouble but also gave me strength to strive for academic achievements. I managed to graduate from UCLA with a double major in Chemistry and Economics despite being heavily underprepared to compete at that level. I chose to teach martial arts because it is a place where I can return the lessons I learned for the future generations.

The Best Martial Arts School in Garden Grove, CA

As I mentioned earlier, martial arts is a lifelong journey and is best when integrated into one’s daily life. I have spent countless hours contemplating how to make this happen and have found the answer. If you are serious about martial arts training and want to make it permanent part of your or your child ‘s life, please come and talk with me. My system is not a one size fits all but is catered to your own abilities and commitment. We track every progress you make so you always know exactly where you are. We have different pricing tiers and encourage you to take advantage of the discounts available. I also have instructor training programs if you are passionate and want to pursue Martial Arts as a career.

Thank you again for visiting USA Hapkido website, I hope I have been transparent in my writing to help you make an informed decision. Please take some time to look over our pricing and schedule on the following page.

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